In an effort to further protect patients, caregivers, and dispensary employees during a public health emergency, the Board now permits a patient/caregiver to telephone a medical marijuana dispensary and place an order for the sale of medical marijuana. Any dispensary accepting a telephone order for medical marijuana must implement the following procedure:


  • Dispensary staff may only receive telephone orders for medical marijuana during hours of operation.

  • Dispensary staff must receive the order for medical marijuana using the dispensary’s telephone system on the dispensary’s premises. 

  • When the patient/caregiver arrives to the dispensary, dispensary staff must verify the patient/caregiver’s photo identification and registry identification card before the patient/caregiver may enter the dispensary department. 

  • Once the patient/caregiver enters the dispensary department, dispensary staff may retrieve the order for medical marijuana.

  • The patient or caregiver must be assisted by the next available a point-of-sale terminal. 

  • Dispensary staff must also verify the patient/caregiver’s photo identification and registry identification card at the point-of-sale terminal before completing the sale.

  • No label shall be affixed to a container or package until the patient verifies the order is correct. If a label is created and the patient does not accept the order, the label must be destroyed. 

  • Any telephone order for medical marijuana that is not picked up by close of business on the day the order is received must be returned to the dispensary’s vault/safe.


This approved procedure does not permit any of the following by dispensary staff:


  • Dispensary staff may not initiate the telephone order (e.g., telemarketing, cold-calling, etc.). 

  • Dispensary staff may not accept payment or provide medical marijuana to a patient/caregiver outside of the dispensary department. All transactions must occur inside the dispensary department under video surveillance.

  • Dispensary staff may not process any transactions within METRC or OARRS prior to the actual sale of medical marijuana product.

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